Before and After Care

Embrace before and after care programs provide an understanding and small staff-to-student ratio experience for families looking for specialized care for their child.
  • Students of John S. Charlton School or Kent County Community School
  • After Care: 2:30-5:30PM
  • School of attendance
  • Contact Abby for pricing

Most students with disabilities are unable to attend regular daycare or care centers due to the specialized needs their disability creates. Embrace is able to solve this obstacle for families by providing before and after care programs within both John S. Charlton School and Kent County Community schools.

Our staff are trained and have many years of experience working with those affected by disability. Many of our staff are college students studying to work with these kids specifically and are eager to help and engage at times of day that can be especially difficult to find child care due to parent and caretaker working hours. 

Parents are responsible for arranging transportation, which may be in the form of busing if coming from an offsite location. 

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Please submit a brief application to enroll in our before and after care programs. Once submitted, we’ll follow up within 48 hours.

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